The dorlis of Martinique

The dorlis of Martinique

The dorlis, a character of creeds and popular legends of Martinique

On Martinique, we have got many characters of creeds and popular legends. And among the huge characters there is one who is very very strange like the wind you can feel on your skin but can’t see. His name is the dorlis. So let me explain you what is a dorlis. I’m convinced that you would never image what it may be.

➤ 1 - What is a dorlis ?

Firstly, the word dorlis is a word coming from creole language of Martinique. A dorlis is someone who has the capacity to become an animal or invisible. The dorlis hasn’t got a static form. But most of the time, the dorlis is invisible. The dorlis is not a ghost, a daemon, not the spirit of a dead man or something like that. No no no…I say to you.

A dorlis is an alive someone, a real man or woman like you and me. You know… But by night this person turns himself invisible to go to your house to make love with you.  Yes ! To make love with you. To rape you when you are sleeping. Yes the dorlis rape you when you are sleeping. The principle goal of the dorlis is to make love with people he may have seen during day.

Imaging, imaging you  are very atracted by someone ; an man or a woman. But for a reason or other you can’t be close to him or her. And you have any solution to make love with her or him. So, you become a dorlis by night and go to the house of this man or woman to make love with him when he is deeply sleeping. That is the purpose of every dorlis on Martinique.

➤ 2 – How become a dorlis ?  

Now, i will explain you how some people can become a dorlis. But i will try to not give you some details about it. Because, you may want to try to do bad thing with that.

Someone who becomes dorlis by night needs to have what we called in creole laguage « an vié liv Â», an old book. An vié liv or old book is a magical book.  

➤ 3 – How a dorlis can come into your house during night ?

Most of the time, the dorlis can come into your house by crossing the keyhole or by sliding under the door like a air flow.

➤ 5 - What  can do the dorlis when he has come into your house by night ?

The dorlis is very curious, you know. When a dorlis comes into your house by night, the first thing he does it’s to satisfy its unhealthy curiosity. The dorlis does what we call on Martinique some «  makrélaj Â». A very gossip creature, you see !  He alway wants to know what you have in your house. So he watchs your tv post, your computer, your smartphone, your furniture…All thing you have in your house.

When he has finished to satisfy its unhealthy curiosity, the dorlis does something that everybody is afraid about. The dorlis back and forth in your house. He twirls into the air until he finds your bedroom.  And when he has found your bedroom, he slides under the door or through the keyhole.

➤ 6 – What can do the dorlis when  has penatred your bedroom ?

If the dorlis who has come into your bedroom is a man, immediatly he looks on the bed to see if your husband is sleeping beside you.

Before,  he rapes you during your sleep,  the dorlis throws your husband on the floor to take his place.

The next day, your poor husband will be very surprised to see him lyed down on the floor like a vulgar sweet breadfruit. Your husband is thinking that has dropt off from the bed. When the dorlis is removed from your husband, at this moment your martyrdom begins.

➤ 7 - What can you feel when a dorlis is raping you ?

The dorlis paralysed your body. You are becoming very hard like an iron bar. You can feel it ! Sometime you can have a little concious of what is happenning. You try to mouv, to speak…but your body is paralysed under the power of the dorlis. You can have the feeling that you are smothering. You try to speak but your mouth is blocked.

The dorlis is so powerful that you have no choice. You stop fighting for nothing. You are like a toys into the dorlis « hands Â».

➤ 8 – How can you know when a dorlis has come into your house ?

When the dorlis come into your house and you’re not sleeping, you can know it. Because you can hear the dorlis, you can feel the dorlis with your heart but you can’t see the dorlis.

Caution ! The dorlis can fly and he is very very speed when he does it. He can also move himself on the floor but he is slowest what give you a huge benefit if you want to catch him. When the dorlis is walking you can hear some little creaking on the floor. You know !  

Most of the time, the dorlis is invisible like the wind. You can’t see him. But if you are a very sensitive you can feel his presence.

➤ 9 – How can you know who was the dorlis in your house ?  

The dorlis goes out from your house over 4 h 30 pm by the same way he comes into. He slides under the door or through the keyhole to run away. When the sun opens its eyes, you will be able to see your body with some red tracks. That is the only evidence which show you that a dorlis was on your body. You see !

It’s not very easy. But you can know the person who was the dorlis on you durint the night. Let me tell you how to knwo that ?

The first personn you see the day after and who stares you very intensly was the dorlis. This is the way you can identify the dorlis who was into your house. This personn stares you very intensly. Whyyyy ? Because he would have the feeling that you may have recognized him. He is not in peace with himself.

© June 2016. Written by David GAGNER-ALBERT. All right reserved for all countries. 


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