How to speak creole from Martinique - Lucide Sapiens Martinique

How to speak creole from Martinique

How to speak creole from Martinique

Bonjou [BON+SHOO] ! Good Morning to you where ever the country you are in the world. My name is ☛David GAGNER-ALBERT. I’m an artist-blogger from Martinique [MA+TEE+NEEK].  Have you ever heard about Martinique ? Do you know where is Martinique ?

Martinique is an country located in the Caribean. A small island, a paradise with sea, sun and sand. One day, you may be one of these tourists who visit Martinique. But if you want to visit my country, there is one thing that i would like you do. Because i think that it’s also important that to go to sea, river, forest or else… Do you know what i want you to do for you ? I would like you to speak creole. Yes, i want you to come and speak some creole with people of Martinique. In add of sea, sun, sand live an unforgettable experience with language of Martinique. That is the reason why i have taken my time to find a very simple technic and written a little book to teach you ☛"How to speak creole from Martinique". Now, you will be able to speak creole very EASILY with people of Martinique.

How to learn with my method ?

The only thing you have to do is pronouns what you see ?

WYSIWYS : What You See Is What You Say

Example :



Conjugation of the verb « to have » in creole language.

To have = Ni

[NEE] you have to pronounce  as if you wanted to say the word NEED in your language but don’t say the final D. Just say NEE.


[ M+an ]            Man need / Mwen need : I have

[ Hoo ]                Ou need : You have 

[ He ]                  i nee : She has, he has

[ Zhot]                Zót need : You have

[Nhoo]                Nou need : We have

[ Yo ]                  Yó need : They have

 Now, with the good writting

Man ni = I have

Ou ni = You have

i ni  = She has, he has,

Zót ni  = You have

Nou ni  = We have

Yó ni = They have

Ex : Man ni an loto / I have a car = MAN + NEE  + AN + LO + TO

Ou ni an loto / You have a car = HOO + NEE + AN + LO + TO

Man ni [Man nee ] = I HAVE GOT

You want to know more, you can download the book on AMAZON

Now, I think that you’re understand the work i have done for you to help you to speak creole from Martinique. I’m sure that i will be a very good experience for you. I hope meet you on Martinique [MA+TEE+NEEK] and speak creole [KREY+YOL] with you.

I’m awaiting for you. See you soon !

© David GAGNER-ALBERT from Martinique

Contact : Tel 0696 92 11 39 Mail :

How to speak creole from Martinique

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